Teacher Licensure Task Force

Option 1: Eliminate Test and Replace With…

1. Successful completion of accredited teacher prep program.
2. Benchmarked score on ACT/SAT/GRE.
3. Principal observation/evaluation.
4. IHE assesses reading/writing skills as part of program.
5. Coursework to replace test (GPA).
6. Test must be taken before completion of program.
7. Use the following
o Porfolio
o edTPA
o Praxis
8. A menu of options (perhaps the candidate has to achieve two of the five options above to receive a license).
9. Come up with list of acceptable/equivalent skills tests for out-of-state candidates who have taken them in other states.
10. Three criteria for licensure:
o edTPA
o Modified test
o Program completion
11. Go to a national test, not a Minnesota test.
12. Exams are used by many states.
o Use nationally-normed tests, such as SAT, ACT
o Consider going back to the PRAXIS