Standard Adult High School Diploma Task Force

Standard Adult High School Diploma Task Force

Reporting Back - August 23, 2013

Needs for Future Meetings

• Topics and Potential People/Presenters
• K-12 graduation standards (Beth Aune/Jennifer Dugan)
• Other states’ adult diploma efforts, like Vermont, Wisconsin and Washington
• State and national workforce training efforts and needs.
• Employers’ perspectives (The Career Pathway Task Force will have an employer panel at their meeting on September 16 at the Minnesota Department of Education.)
• Equipped for the Future (EFF)
• National External Diploma Program (hosted by CASAS)
• Online/blended models?
• How to standardize process (equitable) granting the adult high school diploma at both state and local levels
• Granting credit for prior learning

Ideas for our work as a Task Force

• Webinars (between meetings)
• Work group assignments between meetings to delve deeper into some topics
• Send report/materials prior to task force meeting


• How will this look?
• How will this be implemented?
• How do documents travel with the student across programs?
• How do we validate and approve competencies with programs in ABE? State and local levels need to be considered.
• What about students age 17-20 who will not be able to complete a diploma in K-12? Do they have to wait until age 21 to participate?
• How do we ensure “equitable” process, especially with postsecondary and employers, as we compare credits, competencies and applied learning?
• Long-term plan?
• How detailed do the rules need to be statewide?
• Online options? Hybrid programming?
• Multiple program model options?

Exploring Competencies, Skills and Knowledge

Minnesota Adult Secondary Credential Report (look at section starting with page 23)

ACES (Academic Career and Employability Skills)

• Developed in Minnesota’s Adult Basic Education system by state and local adult education practitioners and specialists in collaboration with Hamline University

College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS)

• Based on the Common Core State Standards

EFF (Equipped for the Future)

• Communication
• Decision-making
• Interpersonal
• Lifelong learning

Minnesota K-12 graduation requirements and standards

National Reporting System (NRS) – current ABE accountability requirements

North Star Digital Literacy Standards

Other states’ adult diploma standards

• Vermont
• Wisconsin
• Washington
• Connecticut

Rochester Community and Technical College Standards

• Critical thinking
• Communication
• Personal and professional responsibility
• Civic engagement
• Global awareness and diversity
• Aesthetic response

Additional skills to consider

• Meta cognition
• Learning styles
• Study skills/habits of mind/success
• How to apply knowledge i.e.: applied math
• Family literacy (navigating resources)
• Financial literacy