Special Education Case Loads Task Force

Reporting Back from October 15, 2013 Meeting Special Ed Case Loads Task Force

Welcome and Introductions

Rose Hermodson, Assistant Commissioner

Selection of Co-Chairs

Rose introduced Donald McNeil and Todd Travis as co-chairs.

A motion was made by: Kirk Schneidawind to accept Donald McNeil and Todd Travis as co-chairs, seconded by: group members, all in favor.

Co-Chair, Donald McNeil introduced himself and led the members into round table introductions.

State Special Education Funding

Tom Melcher, Director School Finance Division

Tom gave a PowerPoint overview of current 2013-2014 funding and upcoming changes including cross-subsidy reduction aid.

Child Count and Federal Settings

Barbara Troolin, Director of Special Education

George Holt, Special Ed Funding Supervisor

Along with a PowerPoint, Barbara explained what child count is and how the information is acquired and accounted for. George Holt gave an overview of federal instructional setting requirements that included:

· Ages 6-21, MARSS Manual

· ECSE, Ages 3-5 and Birth-2

· Calculation examples

Questions and answers followed.

History of Case Load Rule and 2004 Workload Manual

Joan Breslin Larson, Supervisor Workforce and Low-Incidence

George Holt, Special Ed Funding Supervisor

Joan explained the federal instructional settings criteria and highlights from the workload manual. Workload highlights discussion:

· Junior high teacher—moderate service needs students and elementary teacher—high service and high related service needs students

· History of caseload in Minnesota via legislation, task forces, etc.

· Expenditures and FTE for clerical support since 2002 and FTE

· Key words to be defined

Alignment of Rule/Statute: List of Inconsistencies

Kerstin Forsythe-Hahn, Rulemaking Coordinator

Kerstin shared a copy of the Statute and Rule Alignment Chart and links for Minnesota Statutes and Rules to the Code of Federal Regulations. Round table discussions took place regarding the process for further subgroup discussion and recommendations.

Subgroup Assignments

Rose Hermodson

Rose informed the members that member subgroups would be assigned for the case loads and rule/law alignment.

Case load group discuss: statute/rule, class size, case load, case manager, etc. Alignment group will discuss alignment chart and processes for changes.

Co-Chair, Todd Travis will work with case loads

Valerie Rolstad

Representative Mary Sawatzsky

Dana Flanders-Turnman

Barb Ziemke

Co-Chair, Donald McNeil will work with statutes/rule alignment

Kim Kang

Mary Kreger

Sue Abderholden


Jacki McCormack

Other members choose to submit their subgroup choice by e-mail to co-chair, Donald McNeil.


Rose Hermodson

Housekeeping, mileage, adjournment at: 3:50 p.m.