Special Education Case Loads Task Force


“Class Size” Definition Samples

Per period case load.

Number of students that a teacher may have during an instructional period.

Total number of students for whom a teacher holds some degree of responsibility.

“Case Load” Sample Definitions

· The number of student records a teacher can be assigned. The teacher is only responsible for maintaining the student folder and due process for these students, not necessarily providing specially designed instruction.
· Total unduplicated count of students a teacher has assigned to him or her for Individual Education Plan (IEP) management, etc. 
· Number of IEPs for which the case manager is responsible. Special educators often serve students in addition to the students whose files they manage.
· Groups of students for whom teacher provides direct/indirect services and case management/procedural accountability duties.
· Total number of students for whom a teacher held some degree of responsibility.
· A “Head Count” – the number of students with an IEP for which a special educator is responsible.
· Number of students for whom the teacher is the IEP manager.

“Case Manager” Sample Definitions

· Special educator who ensures the implementation of special education and related services for student (records) assigned. The number of records does not represent the number of students that the teacher will serve.
· Special educator responsible for a student’s file and coordinating services for that student.

“Workload” Sample Definitions

· In addition to case load responsibilities, could include but not be limited to a special educator’s responsibilities, duties, other assignments, the impact of parent involvement, providing services to a student whose file is held by another educator or provider, training and supervision of support staff and/or peer tutors, etc.
· All of the responsibilities required of special educators; is based upon the severity of the students’ needs.