Special Education Case Loads Task Force

Chapter 116 Article 5: Sec. 28. 2013 Session


Subdivision 1. Members. The commissioner shall establish and appoint a special

education case loads task force consisting of at least ten members who will provide equal representation from school districts, including special education teachers, and advocacy organizations, including parents of children with disabilities.

Subd. 2. Duties. The special education case loads task force shall develop

recommendations for the appropriate numbers of students with disabilities that may be

assigned to a teacher both with and without paraprofessional support in the classroom and for cost-effective and efficient strategies and structures for improving student outcomes. The task force must also identify state rules that should be revised to align with state statute.

Subd. 3. Report. The task force must submit a report by February 15, 2014, to the

education policy and finance committees of the legislature recommending appropriate

case loads for teachers of school-age children in all federal settings, including educational service alternatives and proposed state rule revisions.

Subd. 4. Expiration. The task force expires February 16, 2014.