Integration Rule and Statute Alignment Work Group

Achievement and Integration: Recommendations for Conforming Changes

Charge: The education commissioner shall review Minnesota Rules, parts 3535.0100 to 3535.0180, for consistency with Minnesota Statutes, sections 124D.861 and 124D.862, and make recommendations to the education committees of the legislature by February 15, 2014, for revising the rules or amending applicable statutes

Decision Points

Issue # 4: Terminology


· What terms need to be defined?

· “integrated learning environment”

· MDE is using the following definition for “integrated learning environment” as guidance:

“Programs and practices designed to reduce academic and enrollment disparities based on students’ racial, ethnic, and economic backgrounds”

· Integration vs desegregation

· “achievement gap” vs “proficiency”

· Other terms

· How to set and measure goals in two required areas?

· How to measure outcomes

· Connection between achievement gap and integration


Issue # 5: Other Issues for clarification


· Do we need rule revision or can/should revision be in statute?
· What clarification needed for implementation
· How do we make transition is suggested recommendations adopted
· How long “eligible district” required to develop and implement plan.


Issue # 6: Incentive Funding


· Do we need to develop rules or clarify law around implementation of incentive funding provision?