Meeting Minutes

Early Learning Council

Minutes Notes

June 18, 2012

Approved: August 7, 2012

In attendance: Miriam Mohamed, Denise Mayotte, Scott McConnell, Barb Yates, Carol Miller, Mary Vanderwert, Patty Nordahl, Sue Hoeft, Maria Erlandson, Donna Henning, Jeanne Ayres, Karen Cadigan and Sara Carlson

Unable to attend: Fred Senn, Erin Sullivan Sutton, Barb Fabre, Art Rolnick, David Counoyer, Yeu Vang, Jacqueline Cross, Representative Jenifer Loon, Molly Rieke, Senator Pam Wolf Michelle Zadra, Victoria Campoverde, Diane Haulcy, Nora Slawik, Caroline Smallwood, Jill Timm and Senator Terri Bonoff

Public Members: Matt Grose, Wade Fauth, Jan Reindl, Kim Stone, Maureen Rosato and Kim Brink Smith

1. Barb Yates called the meeting to order. Wade Fauth, Vice President of the Blandin Foundation, welcomed the group.

2. Minutes of the May 15, 2012, meeting were reviewed. No changes were requested. A vote to approve the minutes was tabled until the August meeting.

3. Presentation from Invest Early. The Invest Early team described their programs, relationships, decision making and challenges.

4. Rural and Special populations Committee. Sara Carlson described the need for a council committee that would consider implementation issues that might arise for rural and special populations. This groups would make recommendations regarding strategies that will work in greater Minnesota and provide feedback to all other work groups. The following members volunteered to be part of this group: Sara Carlson, Maria Erlandson, Sue Hoeft, Patty Nordahl, Donna Henning, Jeanne Ayres and Barb Yates.

5. Recommendations from Work Groups: Access- Denise Mayotte gave an update on the work of the Access group. The group believes the council has an opportunity to take leadership on the question of access. Access needs to be a priority for the next legislative session and the governor and Children’s Cabinet may be open to a major ask for funding flexible scholarships including quality incentives. The group will develop a single recommendation to move forward.

All members participating indicated support for this initiative.

Accountability- Donna Henning reported that the Accountability group felt it would be important to meet with the Children’s Cabinet and the Governor’s Office.They also recommend meeting with new legislative leaders once they are elected. Additional issues related to affordability of preparing for Parent Aware ratings were discussed and will be forwarded to the Parent Aware Implementation Team. The council will hear the recommendations on the governance structure of the new early childhood data system at the September meeting.

Great Work Force- Mary Vanderwert and Patty Nordahl reported on the discussion of the Great Work Force group. The group felt there continues to be a need for communication about professional development and a need for high-quality profressional development. Articulation agreements and credit for experience needs to be expanded. They recommended a review of the work done by the previous council’s professional development committee and that the council schedule an overview of the professional development system perhaps at the September meeting.

6. Pre-k to Grade 3. Members expressed interest in learning more about the work being done at MDE and throughout Minnesota on Pre-k to Grade 3 initiatives. Questions include: What does pre-k to grade 3 look like in Minnesota? Is there a map of what is currently being done? What data does the Principles Association have? What problem is Pre-k to grade 3 trying to solve? The group decided to wait until following a presentation before making a decision about forming a work group.

7. Public comment- There was no public comment.

8. The meeting was adjourned.