Assessment and Accountability Working Group
An Assessment and Accountability Working Group has been convened to review and make recommendations to the Governor related to Minnesota's Assessment and Accountability system. The purpose of this review is to provide recommendations to the Minnesota Department of Education for better testing and accountability. Topics being reviewed include:

•  The GRAD and high school assessments.
•  The impact of new assessments, including costs, develop tinme, transition to new system, and feasibility.
•  How any "newly" proposed system will impact others things such as teacher and principal accountability and Minnesota’s new accountability under the waiver.
•  State and federal laws related to accountability.
•  Specific review of high schools to compare current vs. new graduation requirements.

Final Recommendations, due to the Minnesota Department of Education on December 1, 2012, will include kindergarten, elementary and 8-12 secondary assessments, as well as cost and policy recommendations.