State Personnel Development Grant

State Personnel Development Grant Goal 2:

To ensure the recruitment, hiring, and retention of a diverse highly qualified special education workforce.

Naadaamadiwin Tribal Cohort

In partnership with the University of Minnesota-Duluth and Augsburg College, the Naadamaadiwin Tribal Cohorts will continue the Emotional Behavioral Disorders (EBD) and Learning Disabilities (LD) teacher licensure training program embedded within American Indian culture and teachings. It also includes a mentoring program to support newly licensed teachers upon completion of the program.

For more information, contact: Rosa Tock at 651-582-8372 or via e-mail.

Interpreters Training 

In partnership with the University of Minnesota, this program funds professional development in education/special education for those who serve as interpreters and translators in Minneapolis and Saint Paul public schools, focusing on the targeted populations (Spanish, Hmong, and Somali). Five interpreters from the special education teams in both districts will complete the four foundation courses and be trained as bilingual lab instructors for new curricula. Other activities include the development of curricula in special education that will be incorporated into the University of Minnesota’s Program on Translation and Interpreting, and drafting a code of ethics for interpreting and translation in special education.

For more information, contact: Elizabeth Watkins at 651-582-8678 or via e-mail.

Literacy for All Learners

This project will identify and implement evidence-based literacy practices targeted to improve literacy skills for all children, including those with significant disabilities. The activities in Year 1 include identifying a cadre of educators to receive both initial and advanced professional development in strategies supporting literacy skills for students with disabilities, to prepare these individuals to become proficient local resources.

Higher Education Forum

The Minnesota Department of Education will collaborate with the Institutions of Higher Education (IHE) to respond to Board of Teaching newly identified licensure areas, including new standards within Special Education Core Skills and existing licensure areas.

Contact Joan Breslin-Larson at 651-582-1599 or via e-mail for more information about the last two projects.