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2016-18 Technology Planning
The 2016-18 technology plan template is now available for districts that need to begin planning for the next three-year cycle. The template encompasses July 1, 2015–June 30, 2016. Please do not alter the template and be sure to include all requested information, to avoid delays in the approval process.

The 2013-15 template should still be used for the July 1, 2012–June 30, 2015, time period.

To be eligible for E-rate and Telecommunications/Internet Access Equity Aid, districts must have an approved technology plan on file with the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE). Submitted plans will be posted on our website. Plans must include the following four components:

  1. Technology Needs Assessment
  2. Goals and Strategies
  3. Professional Development plan
  4. Evaluation

Technology plans should include links to locally developed supporting documentation, such as district planning documents, survey instruments, etc., as appropriate.

Technology Infrastructure Inventory
Technology directors may use the technology inventory collection tool to collect their district’s technology inventory data, which will help districts meet the state planning requirements for funding opportunities. The questions collect information about district technology tools, shared services, data practices and more. View the technology inventory collection tool and sample administrative instructions below.

Once the collection tool is complete, technology directors are encouraged to enter the data online in the statewide database. Access and submit the Technology Inventory.

Use the 2016-18 template below for technology plans that encompass July 1, 2015–June 30, 2018. Completed technology plans may be submitted via email to: Please make sure you are using this new template and follow the submission guidelines found in the template.

MDE phased out the process of approving nonpublic school technology plans for E-rate eligibility purposes as of June 30, 2011. Nonpublic schools should visit the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) website to find certified technology plan approvers for E-rate eligibility purposes.

To view approved technology plans and approval letters, please visit the Data Center: Data Reports and Analytics: School Technology Plans and Approval Letters.


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