Summer Food Service Program

Collection of Household Income Statements

by Enrolled Sites (Not Area Eligible) and Camps

This information applies to camps, and to “enrolled” sites not located in eligible areas, that participate in the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP).


Camps participating in the SFSP may claim reimbursement only for meals served to eligible children. See section below on Collecting and Approving Household Income Statements.

Enrolled Sites

“Enrolled” sites claim SFSP reimbursement for all meals served to enrolled children, if the enrolled site establishes eligibility to participate in the SFSP by documenting that at least 50 percent of children participating at the site meet income eligibility guidelines. (Enrolled sites located in eligible areas are considered to be area-eligible sites and do not need to document the eligibility status of enrolled children.)

To establish eligibility to participate in the SFSP for an enrolled site that is not located in an eligible area, the sponsoring authority must:

1. Distribute and approve/deny Household Income Statements (or verify that children are already approved for school meal benefits) and determine that at least 50 percent of participating children are from income-eligible households. See section below on Collecting and Approving Household Income Statements.

2. Ensure that at least 50 percent of the participants meet income eligibility guidelines on an ongoing basis. The enrollment roster must represent the active participants in the program.

Collecting and Approving Household Income Statements

Note: If the sponsoring organization can obtain a list of students who are eligible for free or reduced-price school meals from their school(s), it is not necessary to collect SFSP Household Income Statements.

1. Distribute the SFSP Household Income Statement and attached pages to households:

- Household Letter (one page).

- Instructions for Completing Household Income Statement (one page).

- Household Income Statement (two pages).

2. Review, and approve or deny, the completed Household Income Statements. Use the following references available on the SFSP/Eligibility page of the Minnesota Department of Education website:

- Current household income guidelines (Refer to the table of household income guidelines on the Household Letter that is attached to the Household Income Statement form.)

- Procedure for Approval/Denial of Household Income Statements.