Regular USDA Foods

Instructions for Regular USDA Foods Year-End Over/Short Claim Form

The Food Distribution Program (FDP) team is responsible for ensuring that sponsors receive the full entitlement value for all U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods received into Minnesota. Each sponsor is responsible for tracking and reconciling USDA Foods allocations received via any of the four channels of distribution.

If after tracking and reconciling a sponsor determines that their Regular USDA Foods allocations are over or short, they must first attempt to work out the issue with the distributor as outlined in the instructions below.

If after contacting the distributor directly a claim cannot be resolved, sponsors should complete the USDA Foods Year-End Over/Short form and submit the form to the FDP team prior to the June 15 deadline.

Regular USDA Foods Over/Short Claims

If a sponsor is short their Regular USDA Foods allocations, their selected Regular USDA Foods distributor can:

· Substitute a commercial product if all components of the commercial food substituted is of U.S. origin and is identical or superior in every aspect of the USDA Food specification;

· Pay the sponsor the USDA Foods value per the November 15 school year set price, or

· Substitute a "like" USDA Foods upon FDP approval.

If a sponsor is over their Regular USDA Foods allocations, they have received another sponsor’s Regular USDA Foods allocations. The Regular USDA Foods distributor may pick up overage from the sponsor. If the Regular USDA Foods distributor does not pick up the overage, FDP may hold the receiving sponsor financially responsible.

View the Regular USDA Foods Year-End Over/Short Claim Form.