Department of Defense Fresh Produce

Department of Defense Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Frequently Asked Questions

Is participation in the Department of Defense (DoD) Fresh Program mandatory?

No. The DoD Fresh Program is optional and is an additional distribution channel for spending entitlement dollars along with our three main distribution channels in Minnesota of Regular United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods, the Minnesota Rebate Program and Fee-For-Service. However, entitlement dollars that are committed to the DoD program will result in less “money” available and will draw down from the Minnesota Department of Education’s state entitlement total to purchase other options with USDA Foods.

If I participate in the DoD Fresh using entitlement dollars, will I receive an invoice for products ordered through DoD?

No. All bills for produce ordered by schools participating in the DoD program using entitlement dollars are sent to and paid by USDA. However, schools should be aware that the entitlement value of each product ordered through this program includes a service fee of DoD’s operational costs in addition to the daily market product costs. Sponsors participating in this program using entitlement dollars can continue to participate until they have expended the entitlement dollars committed to this program for the current school year.

Is there a minimum entitlement commitment request per sponsor in order to participate in the DoD Fresh program in Minnesota?

Yes. Food Distribution Program (FDP) requires a minimum allocation of $300. There is also a minimum per order amount of $100.

How do I allocate my entitlement for use in DoD Fresh?

Entitlement will be allocated using the DoD Fresh survey, under the green “Commodity Survey” tab in Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS 1). This survey will open and close in conjunction with the Regular USDA surveys. The current surveys are set up with $1,000 and $1 increments. Sponsors may use one or both increments to allocate the total desired amount.

Example: $50,000 = 50 increments of $1,000 + 0 increments of $1

Example: $2,500 = 2 increments of $1,000 + 500 increments of $1

Example: $500 = 0 increments of $1,000 + 500 increments of $1

How do I sign up for DoD’s web based ordering system (FFAVORS)?

Produce orders are placed through the DoD web-based Fresh Fruits and Vegetable Order Receipts System (FFAVORS) and delivered by the DoD contract vendor. For schools that have not previously participated in the DoD program the DoD team will need to set up your school district in their FFAVORS ordering system. To assist in this process, an account setup form will need to be completed providing DoD basic contact information, delivery window and address information for each delivery location. View frequently asked questions about FFAVORS and obtaining an eAuthentication account.

When products are ordered through the DoD Fresh, will the products be delivered along with the current monthly USDA Foods delivery?

No. The delivery of products ordered through the DoD program are completely separate from the delivery of USDA Foods and will not be handled by regular USDA approved distributors through the current state contracted warehouse. The program utilizes long term contractors and the contracted vendors work under agreements with varying amounts of one-year options based on performance. Contracted vendors submit catalogs weekly and include a wide variety of domestically grown produce items. The item price listed on the catalog in FFAVORS is the final price as nothing is added post transaction.

Are there any restrictions on what types of fresh fruits and vegetables can be ordered through the DoD Fresh?

Yes. Under USDA regulations, foreign products cannot be purchased with entitlement dollars so the program is restricted to domestically grown items.

How far in advance must orders be placed?

Contractually with this program, sponsors will at least have one delivery per week and delivery days will be assigned in accordance with the contracted vendor’s pre-established routing. A minimum delivery amount of $100 per delivery location site is currently in place but may fluctuate yearly dependent upon DoD’s distribution contract. The FFAVORS system requires orders to be submitted no later than three full business days prior to delivery day. Example: for Monday delivery, orders must be placed no later than the previous Tuesday, leaving Wednesday, Thursday and Friday as the mandatory three full business day lead time. Please submit orders on time to alleviate system complications.

Is “Local” Minnesota product identified on the Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Order Receipt System (FFAVORS) ordering system?

Yes, at this time all local items are marked as "LOCAL" highlighted in green on the catalog. The state of origin is also indicated.

Who is the field troop support point of contact with the DoD Fresh for the State of Minnesota?

Brian Kern

Field Operations

DLA Troop Support

(740) 415-6551