Multiple Site Sponsors and Monitoring

Child and Adult Care Food Program participants who are sponsors of multiple sites have additional reporting requirements. The documents available on this page are for sponsors of more than one site.
  • Administrative Requirements for Sponsors with Multiple Sites - 1/21/15  pdf iconPDF 
    Requirements for sponsors of multiple sites including monitoring visits, edit checks, and staff training.
  • Household Contact Procedures - 6/6/14
    A household contact is a communication between a sponsoring organization or a state agency to an adult member of a household with a child in a family day care home or a child care center in order to verify the attendance and enrollment of the child and the specific meal service(s) which the child routinely receives while in care. This information is used to verify the accuracy of the information submitted on claims for reimbursement by providers or centers.
  • Monitoring Form for Multi-Site Sponsors - 11/20/14
    Sample form to be used by sponsor monitors when conducting Child and Adult Care Food Program compliance visits at program sites.
  • Pre-operational Visit to New Sites - 4/15/14
    Sponsor form documenting the pre-operational site visit for the Child and Adult Care Food Program.
  • Sponsor Monitoring of Meals - 5/3/12
    Requirement for Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsoring organizations to monitor all meal services at sponsored sites – June 2006 memo.
  • Staff Monitoring Ratio Form for CACFP Centers - 7/19/12
    Staff Monitoring Ratio form for CACFP centers. This is an annual application renewal requirement to determine sponsor's level of monitoring staff.
  • Staff Training Requirements for CACFP Multi-Site Sponsors - 4/18/14  pdf iconPDF 
    Explains who is required to receive annual training and gives examples of training topics.