Homeless McKinney Vento

From Minnesota Education of Homeless Children and Youth State Plan:

“Procedures for Disputes Regarding Education Placement of Homeless Children and Youths” (EHCY)

Requirements of Section 722(g) of the McKinney-Vento Act

Minnesota State Plan for the Education of Children and Youth From Homeless Situations

(A) A description of the procedures the State educational agency will use to identify such children and youths in the State and to assess their special needs.

Action – The Department of Education (MDE) reviews periodic Shelter Surveys which are utilized to formulate the Title I Setaside for many LEA programs. MDE also reviews reports by the Wilder Foundation such as the “Minnesota Statewide Surveys of Persons Without Permanent Shelter” (Amherst H. Wilder Foundation). This includes “families with children” and “youth on their own” surveys. There are sections in both survey instruments that address education issues.

All funded McKinney Vento local school district projects are required to submit quarterly and final program reports. Identification of need is a required area for every EHCY funded application/plan.

(B) A description of procedures for the prompt resolution of disputes regarding the educational placement of homeless children and youths.

Action – MDE will process complaints regarding the educational placement of homeless children and youths. The State Coordinator’s telephone number can be connected through the SEA switchboard and e-mail address is posted on the EHCY and Title I websites. The State Coordinator’s telephone and program description is also posted with information distributed by the State Inter- Agency Taskforce on Homelessness. Every LEA has a designated “LEA Liaison.” All funded LEAs will have a local enrollment disputes process in place. The SEA will also provide posters and other materials to inform families and youth of their educational rights to be posted in shelters, soup kitchens, centers, etc. (which will include SEA telephone number).