Assessment Secure Reports
Authorized personnel can view and download a wide variety of student, school, district and state test data from this location. Prior to accessing these reports, ask your superintendent or charter school director to add your name to the Superintendent Authorization Form and email it to

Visit the Data Center and select Secure Reports to find the following assessment secure reports:

District and School Student Results (DSR and SSR)
Graduation Data List
Growth Detail Download
Growth Summary Report and Download
Prior Performance Report for MCA-Modified Participation
Student Assessment History Report
Test Results Summary
  • 2014-2015 District and School Student Results (DSR and SSR) File Information  - 3/26/15
    This file contains information regarding the column label definitions and description of each field in the District and School Student Results (DSR and SSR) files (formerly known as the Universal File Format or UFF).
  • 2014 Field Descriptions  - 8/22/14
    This file describes the column fields and values in the Excel district use media files, the Summary downloads available in Test Results Summary, and the data files available under Assessment and Growth files.
  • 2013-2014 Assessment Secure Reports User Guide  - 6/5/14
    This document provides specific information on the reports under Assessment Secure Reports provided by the Statewide Testing division at MDE. Updated May 2014.
  • Superintendent Authorization Form  - 1/8/14
    Instructions on creating or modifying district accounts (set up User ID and Password) for Assessment Secure Reports.