Restrictive Procedures
“Restrictive procedures” means the use of physical holding or seclusion of children with disabilities in an emergency in Minnesota schools. “Emergency” means a situation where immediate intervention is needed to protect a child or other individual from physical injury. Restrictive procedures must not be used to punish or otherwise discipline a child. Minnesota Statutes, sections 125A.0941 and 125A.0942, govern the use of restrictive procedures.

Report to the Legislature. The commissioner must report to the Legislature on districts’ progress in reducing the use of restrictive procedures every year by February 1. The report must include recommendations on how to further reduce these procedures and eliminate the use of prone restraints. View previous Legislative Reports.

Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS): Children’s Mental Health. The Children’s Mental Health Division administers policy and practice to ensure effective and accessible mental health services and supports for children and families in Minnesota. The division works together with many public and private partners across the state so that children and youth with mental health needs can develop and function as fully as possible in all areas of their lives.

Please see the additional resources DHS provides to support children’s mental health.

  • Restrictive Procedures Summary Data Form 14-15 - 3/18/15
    As required by Minnesota Statutes, Minnesota school districts must provide to MDE, summary data on the use of restrictive procedures during the current school year before July 1. Please complete this form electronically and submit the original form by uploading to MDE on the Special Education Compliance Document Upload page. For questions about the form or problems with uploading files, please contact Ross Oden at or 651-582-8450.
  • Reducing Restrictive Procedures Expert List - 10/22/14
    List of experts for district and school use when reducing restrictive procedures
  • Model Post-Use Debrief Form - 10/16/14
    This model form provides guidance to districts in meeting the post-use debriefing requirements of Minnesota Statutes.
  • Model Restrictive Procedures Plan - 9/17/14  pdf iconPDF 
    MDE has developed a model restrictive procedures plan to provide guidance and a documentation model for schools.
  • Restrictive Procedures Legislation - 2014 Amendments - 9/15/14
    A summary of amendments to Minnesota Statutes, section 125A.0942, effective May 21, 2014.
  • Crisis Prevention and Intervention Training Programs - 6/26/14
    This resource was most recently updated June 2014. These materials are provided to assist districts in developing their Restrictive Procedures Plan to meet requirements outlined in Minnesota Statutes section 125A.0942, Subd. 1. (Effective August 1, 2011.)
  • Model Restrictive Procedures Checklist - 3/26/14
    MDE has created a model checklist which includes the applicable state laws and fire and safety codes for the use of rooms used for seclusion.