Youth Resources

Take a Step…  Open the Door… Lead the Way to Graduation for All
Our goal is to empower students to finish high school with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully meet the future challenges of life. We are working closely with youth organizations across the state to gain perspective on why students drop out of school and what we can do to support your future success and help you get back on track.  Students from Northfield, Minnesota, helped develop a message for youth who have dropped out of school or who are struggling with school.  View Graduation for All video.

How can I enroll or re-enroll in school?
Contact your local school district to find out how to enroll or re-enroll in school. Explain that you are interested in getting back into school. Be persistent! You have the right to attend school in Minnesota until you are 21 years old!  Select the Find a School link to view a map of Minnesota’s public school districts with links to district websites.

What are Alternative Learning Centers?
If traditional schools did not or are not working for you, check out alternative learning centers. These schools encourage creative methods of teaching and learning to suit a variety of learning styles.  Don’t drop out—find out if an alternative learning center is for you! Select Alternative Learning Centers under resources to learn more.

Need help from your community?
Resources are available near you!  Community organizations are ready to help you succeed. They can point you to information on continuing education, transportation, employment opportunities, family assistance, housing assistance, teen pregnancy and more. Check out our related resource links.

Student Support Services
A Student Support Services team provides systematic early identification, intervention, referral and support when health care and social supports are needed for students and their families.  Professionals including, school nurses, social workers, counselors, psychologists and chemical health specialists typically make up the student support team. The teams are also referred to as Student Assistance or Pre-assessment Teams.