Supports for Universal Design for Learning

Readers can use the following resources and tools and supports for Universal Design for Learning.

UDL Curriculum Self-Check ( This website, developed by CAST, allows teachers to check their curriculum against Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles. Teachers can also use this resource to learn about UDL and explore ideas on how to build options and flexibility into each element of curriculum.

CAST UDL Exchange ( This website all ows practitioners to use and share resource materials and lessons to support instruction guided by the UDL principles. This CAST site is sortable by grade, academic area, and state standards.

UDL Studio ( This free tool developed by CAST enables anyone to author and publish educational materials that use the UDL framework. Users can make their own content using text, video, audio, images, and animation. Users can also browse, read, and interact with projects created by others.