Other Health Disabilities
Other Health Disabilities (OHD) includes a wide range of chronic or acute health conditions that range from mild to severe. Medications, treatments, therapies and repeated hospitalizations can affect a student’s ability to learn and function at school. A student with such a condition may be considered for special education under the OHD category. Find Minnesota Rule language regarding other health disabilities under offsite resources.

The Minnesota Department of Education and experts throughout Minnesota offer five one-hour presentations about OHD. When complete, these will include an overview of OHD, service delivery options, definitions and criteria, evaluations and eligibility, and moving from evaluation to the Individualized Educational Program (IEP). Modules are available at the Minnesota Low Incidence Projects resources site; see the offsite resources.

Prepared for educators, the fact sheets below contain information about some of the conditions included in the OHD category and ways that each might affect a student in the educational setting.