Secure a Teaching Job
STEP 6:  Secure a teaching job

Make sure you have met all of the requirements for a Minnesota special education teaching license. Review the list of requirements on the Examine Requirements page if you are unsure.

Opportunities to work with special education students can be found throughout the state. Think about where you want to live and work. What environments do you prefer? Minnesota has a rich variety of living choices across the state. You may choose to live in a metropolitan area, near lakes and forests, in the plains, close to Lake Superior, next to the Canadian border, or elsewhere. Thinking of relocating? The Minnesota Travel Guide has more information about the state.

The Minnesota Economic Development Regions Map identifies regions that are each served by a special education Regional Low Incidence Facilitator (RLIF). These professionals can give you information on special education opportunities in their region. See the list of contacts provided in the related resources section. You may also contact districts and cooperatives directly. Administrators will be happy to speak with you about opportunities to serve students with disabilities.

There are also websites where school administrators commonly post vacancies. See related links to access the EdPost website and the Minnesota Association of School Administrators Jobsite.

Contact the Minnesota Department of Education with questions that are not covered in these pages, or to get additional tips on navigating the special education licensure system.

Thank you for your commitment to the students of Minnesota and the field of special education!