Make a Plan

Former Minnesota Teacher

If your five-year teaching or related services professional license has lapsed, you have the following options:

Obtain a five-year short call substitute license, valid to teach no more than 15 consecutive days in a single classroom assignment.

Provide evidence that you have completed 125 clock hours of approved continuing education earned during the five-year period immediately preceding the application. After you report your clock hours, you can complete an application.

If you have not been employed by a Minnesota school district in the past year, you can submit official transcripts verifying completion of eight (8) semester or twelve (12) quarter credits in education or related to the teaching field earned in the five-year period immediately preceding the application. You are also responsible for any mandatory requirements in effect at the time of renewal.

You may get an extension for the balance of the school year if you provide evidence that you have been offered a position in Minnesota contingent upon holding a valid license. At the end of the extended licensure period, you must meet renewal requirements for the continuing license. Note: This option is available only once during your teaching career.

View the License Renewal and Registration Guide for more information.