Professional Development

The professional development resources listed on this page are used to promote collaborative work between teachers, improve instruction, and increase student learning and success.

High-quality professional development includes these important elements:

  • Aligning with school improvement plans
  • Focusing on student achievement needs and learning goals
  • Sustaining efforts over time with an emphasis on continuous improvement in instruction
  • Requiring learning communities in which teachers work collaboratively to learn and implement new knowledge and skills
  • Providing differentiated teacher support using teacher observations with ongoing coaching and mentoring

Minnesota Statutes – Professional Development

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) provides programs, support and technical assistance to schools with implementing Minnesota Statutes and Rules through the use of professional development best practices. These practices have a primary focus of improving teacher effectiveness and increasing student achievement and include the establishment of high-quality district and school staff development programs and activities, teacher leaders, mentoring for probationary teachers, and teacher evaluation and support systems.

Opportunities for professional development are listed below and more will be added as they become available. Check the MDE Calendar for all training, workshops and events sponsored by the department.