District Forms

Personnel Variance Requests for General and Special Education

Starting July 1, 2013, districts may submit a Request for Personnel Variance through the Special Permission System only. Faxed or mailed paper requests will not be accepted; these will be returned.

Access The Special Permissions System

There are two ways to access the SPS online application system:

Directions regarding access to the SPS online application system can be found on the new Minnesota Board of Teaching webpage.

Helpful Tips for a Successful submission

• The Status: if you status says
o In progress – the application has not been submitted
o Submitted – the application is submitted and ready to be reviewed
o Approved – the application has been reviewed and approved
o Not Approved – the application was not approved
o Withdrawn – the application had been approved previously and then was requested to be withdrawn
• A blue dot with a white lower case “i” indicates that you have a message from the reviewer. Click on the blue dot to read the message. This is especially important if the status is “in progress” or “not approved.”
• When reviewing the applications, we sometimes have questions. Please make sure the contact information is the person who can answer questions about the application.