Applicants Trained Out-of-State

Foreign Credential Evaluation

If you trained as a teacher outside the United States or its territories, you may be eligible for a license to teach in Minnesota. Because of significant differences among nations in training and licensure requirements, you will need to submit the following material to a professional evaluation service that has been authorized by the Minnesota Board of Teaching:

• Transcripts of credits

• Pattern of training

• Degrees awarded

Providers of these evaluation services are listed on the Website of the National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) (

Please contact the service of your choice directly if you have questions regarding the submission of your materials.

Only through this detailed evaluation process can we determine if your preparation is equivalent to the training required for a license in Minnesota. We will need to know that you have completed the equivalent of a bachelor's degree in teacher education. We will also need to know the grade levels and major and minor subjects you have been trained to teach.

Submit the application to teach in Minnesota through our online licensing system and then send the detailed course-by-course evaluation to Educator Licensing along with your fingerprint card and the document coversheet which will be provided to you at the end of the online application (

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