Educator Development and Evaluation

Minnesota statute requires districts to develop and evaluate principals (Minn. Stat,, § 123B.147) and teachers (Minn. Stat,, § 122A.40, Subd. 8, and § 122A.41, Subd. 5) to improve leadership and instruction, as well as to increase student learning and success. Minnesota charter schools must also evaluate teachers with evaluation and development processes that meet guidelines in statute.

The Division of School Support offers technical assistance, planning assistance and implementation support to local districts and charters. Our goal is to help you create meaningful, transparent, and accurate development and evaluation models. 

Tools, resources, and state example models for principals and teachers are available to help districts implement educator evaluation and professional development. Choose a page from those listed at left to learn more.

EXTENDED: Pilot Opportunity – Using Survey Data to Improve Implementation

How is implementation of teacher development and evaluation going? What data are you using to measure fidelity, impact, or outcomes? What role might teacher, principal, and district leader surveys play in your continuous improvement plans for teacher development and evaluation?

The Minnesota Department of Education is consulting with Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Midwest to develop teacher, principal and district leadership implementation and perception surveys. We are seeking schools or districts representing various school sizes, regions, and demographics to participate in piloting the surveys in fall 2015. Please read our memo for information about this opportunity.

For assistance, contact Tyler Livingston at 651-582-8427.

Letters of Assurance for Principal/Teacher Development and Evaluation, and Q Comp

Per Minnesota’s approved ESEA flexibility waiver, districts and charters will submit annual letters of assurance regarding implementation of their educator development and evaluation plans. An additional annual letter of assurance is also requested from districts and charters participating in the Q Comp program.

In order to streamline the process, the Minnesota Department of Education has combined these letters of assurance into one document with a single due date. The combined letters of assurance should be submitted to MDE by August 31, 2015.