April 13-19 is National Library Week!

If you haven't been to a library in the past decade, you are missing out on a key community resource. More than just books attracted 24 million visitors in 2013 alone. By the numbers, Minnesota’s 359 libraries and  6,000 public internet computers with over 5.7 million logins, helped people search for jobs, find answers to 3.8 million questions, reach out to friends and family, find entertainment and offered 55,000 free programs! Celebrate this week with a visit to your local library.

Governor Dayton Signs Safe and Supportive Schools Act

On April 9, Minnesota’s State Capitol was buzzing with the sounds of students, parents, educators and advocates—Minnesotans from across the state who came together to watch Governor Mark Dayton sign the Safe and Supportive Schools Act into law. Read Commissioner Casselius' statement. Read about the event and what the new law means for Minnesota.

Minnesota's Student Leaders

Members of the Minnesota Youth Council visited the state education department to learn more about what we do. The Minnesota Department of Education's Student Advisory Committee planned and hosted the event which involved exhibits and presentations from a variety of MDE divisions, including: STEM, Food, Safety and Nutrition, College and Career Success, Postsecondary Transition Services and more.

Real Progress Closing the Achievement Gap!

New data from the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) show that districts and charter schools across the state are largely on track to meet an aggressive statewide goal of closing gaps by 50 percent by 2017. “For the first time, we have concrete goals around gaps, and are letting our school leaders know exactly how far they need to go to be fully on track to close these gaps,” said Education Commissioner Brenda Cassellius. Read news release.

High Expectations - Better Results

Two years after receiving a waiver from the federal NCLB law, the U.S. Department of Education has reviewed Minnesota's progress and issued a report commending our new accountability system as meeting all expectations and requiring no additional steps. "We’re raising our expectations," said Commissioner Brenda Cassellius. "Minnesota was on the leading edge of states looking for greater accountability, and now we have confirmation that we’re on the right track." Read news release.

Welcoming entrance of a red brick library building on a bright, sunny day
Dayton Bully Bill Signing 
Youth Advisory Council members with Assistant Commissioner Elia Bruggeman, Commissioner Brenda Cassellius and Read-It 
Students Celebrating Academic Success 
Students Getting On the School Bus