MDE Weekly Superintendent Mail

April 1, 2013

A follow-up message from Commissioner Cassellius regarding graduation rates

Dear Colleagues,

Two weeks ago I asked you to join me in a collaborative effort to reach a 90 percent statewide graduation rate by the year 2020. We know this ambitious goal can only be achieved if each and every one of us engages in a focused effort to ensure all students successfully complete high school ready for college and career.

It is important to continuously revisit the data to make well-informed decisions on how to improve student success and increase graduation rates. The file provided via the below link is similar to the one I passed along previously; however I have added the 90 percent target to keep us concentrated on the end goal. For districts that do not yet have a 90 percent graduation rate, you can see the total increase as well as the average annual increase needed for your district to attain your goal by the year 2020. The data is presented for students overall as well as disaggregated by subgroup. View Graduation Rate Change 2011-2012 with Goal of 90%.

You will find that the data is color-coded based on 2012 graduation rates using the district groupings below.

• Districts with a graduation rate of 90 percent or above are blue
• Districts with a graduation rate of 80 percent to 89 percent are green
• Districts with a graduation rate of 70 percent to 79 percent are orange
• Districts with a graduation rate of 60 percent to 69 percent are purple
• Districts with a graduation rate of 60 percent or below are gray

It is essential that we continue together around a common goal. I thank you again for the tireless work you do on a daily basis to ensure all students have the opportunity to graduate from high school. I look forward to continuing this important conversation as graduation season approaches.