2012 Superintendent Mail


TO: Superintendents

FROM: Dr. Brenda Cassellius, Commissioner

DATE: July 12, 2012



• Minnesota Receives $5.9 Million for School Improvement Grant Program

See the June 29 press release for Commissioner Cassellius’ statement.


• 2012 School Leadership Summit: Minnesota on the Move – August 7-8

Please join me at the 2012 School Leadership Summit: Minnesota on the Move on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 7-8, at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest (formerly the Northland Inn) in Brooklyn Park. (This has been known previously as the Annual Superintendents Back-to-School Conference.)

Superintendents and charter school directors are invited to bring their leadership teams. We have a great day and a half planned for you. Our keynote speaker is Tony Wagner, author of The Global Achievement Gap. As you know, Minnesota's demographics are shifting rapidly and we can no longer economically or morally accept leaving 40 percent of our students behind. Hopefully, together we can find the answers to improve achievement for all students, especially those who have historically underachieved.

Registration is available only online!  Click Here to Register.  (Check or credit card required.)

Click here for the agenda

• Release Schedule for Assessment Results

Assessment Embargoed Final Reading and Mathematics Assessment Results Information

Embargoed final reading and mathematics results are available through the Data Center: Data Reports and Analytics page under MDE Secured Reports (Educator Portal). See the 6/27 Assessment Update for additional information about these results.

Statewide Assessment Results PowerPoint and Mathematics and Reading District Use Media Files

The statewide assessment results PowerPoint and the mathematics and reading district use media files will be available for districts in the Data Center under Test Results Summary on July 30 to prepare for the public release on August 1.

Only files for the Reading MCA-II, Mathematics MCA-III (grades 3-8), and Mathematics MCA-II (grade 11) will be provided on July 30 on the Test Results Summary page; files for the applicable MCA-Modified and MTAS assessments will be available publicly under Assessment and Growth files on August 1 along with the MCA files.

Embargo Reminder

The final results are considered embargoed until the results are released publicly. Embargoed information provided to the district cannot be released to the public or press. This year, the embargo period lasts for about a month, where in past years, the embargo lasted a few days. During this time, districts can use the results to prepare for questions from the media and local stakeholders. This means that you may share the results with district teachers and staff but results cannot be shared publicly. Student results can be shared with parents and students for instructional purposes, but no summary information can be provided. In addition, results should not be discussed in public forums or reflected in public meeting minutes (e.g., school board meetings) until the embargo has ended.


• Grant Opportunity – State Early Childhood Education Scholarships Local Coordination

Please see the attached memorandum from Karen Cadigan, director of Early Learning Services, regarding the above-mentioned grant opportunity. The grant objective is to coordinate and administer the State Early Childhood Education (ECE) Scholarships to promote access to high-quality early learning childhood programs for children with high needs within the identified communities. Access the application packet on July 13, 2012. Signed applications are due by July 31, 2012. For further information, contact Lisa Cariveau, Early Learning Services, at lisa.cariveau@state.mn.us or 651-582-8332.

• Minnesota Computers for Schools – Monthly Promotion

Minnesota Computers for Schools (MCFS) refurbishes donated computers and provides them to schools at a minimal charge. See their Special Deals for July.