Standard Adult High School Diploma Task Force

Standard Adult High School Diploma Task Force

Reporting Back - August 23, 2013

Needs for Future Meetings

Topics and Potential People/Presenters
K-12 graduation standards (Beth Aune/Jennifer Dugan)
Other states’ adult diploma efforts, like Vermont, Wisconsin and Washington
State and national workforce training efforts and needs.
Employers’ perspectives (The Career Pathway Task Force will have an employer panel at their meeting on September 16 at the Minnesota Department of Education.)
Equipped for the Future (EFF)
National External Diploma Program (hosted by CASAS)
Online/blended models?
How to standardize process (equitable) granting the adult high school diploma at both state and local levels
Granting credit for prior learning

Ideas for our work as a Task Force

Webinars (between meetings)
Work group assignments between meetings to delve deeper into some topics
Send report/materials prior to task force meeting


How will this look?
How will this be implemented?
How do documents travel with the student across programs?
How do we validate and approve competencies with programs in ABE? State and local levels need to be considered.
What about students age 17-20 who will not be able to complete a diploma in K-12? Do they have to wait until age 21 to participate?
How do we ensure “equitable” process, especially with postsecondary and employers, as we compare credits, competencies and applied learning?
Long-term plan?
How detailed do the rules need to be statewide?
Online options? Hybrid programming?
Multiple program model options?

Exploring Competencies, Skills and Knowledge

Minnesota Adult Secondary Credential Report (look at section starting with page 23)

ACES (Academic Career and Employability Skills)

Developed in Minnesota’s Adult Basic Education system by state and local adult education practitioners and specialists in collaboration with Hamline University

College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS)

Based on the Common Core State Standards

EFF (Equipped for the Future)

Lifelong learning

Minnesota K-12 graduation requirements and standards

National Reporting System (NRS) – current ABE accountability requirements

North Star Digital Literacy Standards

Other states’ adult diploma standards


Rochester Community and Technical College Standards

Critical thinking
Personal and professional responsibility
Civic engagement
Global awareness and diversity
Aesthetic response

Additional skills to consider

Meta cognition
Learning styles
Study skills/habits of mind/success
How to apply knowledge i.e.: applied math
Family literacy (navigating resources)
Financial literacy