Global Literacy Advisory Board

March 15, 2013

Subcommittee Work

Five sub-groups were established to work on specific goals of the grant:

• Building community and business partnerships for promoting global learning.
• Developing web based resources for educators and the business community in the state.
• Discovering and highlighting teachers of excellence in global learning.
• Developing a statewide strategic plan for global learning.
• Facilitating a statewide summit on global learning.

A Statewide Summit on Global Learning is scheduled for May 9, 2013, at St. Cloud State University. Details and registration information will be available in early April.

The Board is excited that members from the After School Global Learning Initiative will be joining as their work complements the work of the Global Literacy Advisory Board. The purpose of their initiative is to educate after school practitioners about global competency and how it relates to quality after school programming. Their involvement will ensure the work done and outcomes developed will address the whole learner and provide opportunities for global learning in all areas of student life and development.

Global Awareness was identified as one of the five key themes for education in the 21st Century by the Partnership for 21st Century Schools. According to P21, Global Awareness includes:

• Using 21st century skills to understand and address global issues.
• Learning from and working collaboratively with individuals representing diverse cultures, religions and lifestyles in a spirit of mutual respect and open dialogue in personal, work and community context.
• Understanding other nations and cultures, including the use of non-English languages.

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