English Learner Stakeholder Input Group (ELSIG)

English Learner Stakeholder Input Group (ELSIG) Meeting Summary

October 22, 2012

In attendance: Amani Ahrens, Michael Bowlus, Shana Bregenzer-Brenny, Rachel Casey, Mary Diaz, Donna Drescher, Scott Endo, Ann Ertl, Sara George, Patty Gillespie, Brenda Hand, Jennifer Hernandez, Karla Stone, Jennifer Leazer, Deborah Mitchell-Gerold, Kiersten Nicholson, Natalie Prasch, Megan Reikowski, Kristina Robertson, Leah Soderlund, Beth Stenglein, Zena Stenvik, Ursula Lentz, Leigh Schleicher, Anh Tran, Elizabeth Watkins, Ruslana Westerlund

1. Purpose

The English Learner Stakeholder Input Group (ELSIG) provides MDE ongoing recommendations on a variety of issues relating to the improvement of standards, instruction and assessment for the state’s English learners (ELs).

2. Group Norms

1. We will begin and end on time.

2. We will acknowledge individual speakers.

3. We will encourage full participation of all members by:

• Presuming positive intentions.
• Being open to new ideas and perspectives.
• Asking questions to clarify.
• Not spending too much time on individual concerns.
• Being solution oriented.

4. We will be present in mind and body.

5. We will keep comments and questions relevant and concise.

• Meeting reminders with agendas will be emailed prior to meetings. Please forward to alternates if you will not be attending.
• Summary of meeting, “takeaways” will be emailed following the meeting.
• Please make every effort to attend meetings or inform your alternate as soon as possible if you cannot attend, so that they may attend in your place.

3. EL Legislation

Elizabeth Watkins will add to State and Federal EL legislation document shared at meeting. Updated document will be shared via EL Coordinator newsletter.

4. AMAO Bridge Study

Follow-up teleconference with study participants and Dr. H Gary Cook on Wednesday, Oct. 24, 12:30 – 1:30 p.m. Anticipated completion in first semester, dependent on cabinet response to recommendation.

5. Centers of Excellence

Kristina Robertson and Shana Bregenzer-Brenny are ELD specialists with the Centers of Excellence, supporting school improvement efforts with schools identified as priority or focus.

6. EL Coordinator Meeting

ELSIG members will be noted at the meeting. ELSIG volunteers (Deborah, Ann, Kiersten, Mary, Brenda, Leah, Natalie) will help with discussion activity in the afternoon at the EL Coordinator meeting on November 2. Anh will follow up with volunteers via email.

7. Minnesota ELD Standard Implementation Framework

ELSIG members reviewed and provided feedback on the framework.

8. Strategic Planning – Hot Topics

Notes of hot topics will be shared with ELSIG members and inform the work of MDE. Continued conversations to follow!

9. ACCESS for ELLs Planning document

Last year’s document was updated to reflect new dates. Please review and make suggestions – send to anh.tran@state.mn.us by November 5, 2012.

10. Next Meeting

December 10, 2012. MDE, Conference A, CC-14, 12:30 – 3:30 p.m.