Career Pathways and Technical Education Task Force

A career pathways and technical education advisory task force is established to recommend to the Minnesota Legislature:

I. How to structurally redesign secondary and postsecondary education to:
1. Improve secondary and postsecondary outcomes for students and adult learners;
2. Align secondary and postsecondary education programs serving students and adult learners;
3. Align secondary and postsecondary education programs and Minnesota's workforce needs; and
4. Measure and evaluate the combined efficacy of Minnesota's public kindergarten through grade 12 and postsecondary education programs.
II. Advisory task force members, in preparing these recommendations, must seek the advice of education providers, employers, policy makers, and other interested stakeholders and must at least consider how to:
1. Better inform students about career options, occupational trends, and educational paths leading to viable and rewarding careers and reduce the gap between the demand for and preparation of a skilled Minnesota workforce;
2. In consultation with a student's family, develop and periodically adapt, as needed, an education and work plan for each student aligned with the student's personal and professional interests, abilities, skills, and aspirations;
3. Improve monitoring of high school students' progress with targeted interventions and support and remove the need for remedial instruction;
4. Increase and accelerate opportunities for secondary school students to earn postsecondary credits leading to a certificate, industry license, or degree;
5. Better align high school courses and expectations and postsecondary credit-bearing courses;
6. Better align high school standards and assessments, postsecondary readiness measures and entrance requirements, and the expectations of Minnesota employers;
7. Increase the rates at which students complete a postsecondary certificate, industry license, or degree; and
8. Provide graduates of two-year and four-year postsecondary institutions with the foundational skills needed for civic engagement, ongoing employment, and continuous learning.