Advisory Committee on Financial Management

MDE Advisory Committee on Financial Management, Accounting and Reporting

Approved Meeting Minutes –October 9, 2013

Members Attending: Chuck Herdegen, Jenifer Charles, Stella Johnson, Jeff Yeager, Dianna Groskreutz, Dave Peterson, Willie Larson, Sarah Slaby, Nancy Schulzetenberg, Tracy Fiereck

Members Absent: none

MDE Staff Attending: David Day, Karen Dykoski, Margaret Sullivan

Guests: none

Call to Order: Chair Janet Halonen called the meeting to order at 12:05 p.m.

Agenda Approval: Sarah Slaby made the motion to approve the agenda. Chuck Herdegen seconded the motion.

Approval of the August 14, 2013 Meeting Minutes: The committee approved the August14, 2013 meeting minutes.

Budget Submission Update: Karen Dykoski stated that MDE’s IT department is ready, willing, and able to start accepting budget submissions from school districts. The area of concern coming from the schools is giving MDE budgeting information that MDE will deem as useful. Jeff Yeager commented that UFARS is designed to accept data, but effort will be needed to populate data for submission. He suggested that FY14 submission would include FY15 budget for the first attempt but also noted that the quality of budget at onset will vary until the process becomes clearer. Stella Johnson’s point of concern was large school districts vs. small school district. Smaller school districts might not have or use a line item budget but will use a lump sum instead. Karen Dykoski proposed to submit FY 14 budget information for FY15 with continuing adjustments as a starting point.

I-PADS: Karen Dykoski stated that the UFARS team is thinking about an i-PADS coding and will be discussed at future UFARS meeting. Dianna Groskreutz area of discussion on i-PADS focused on some school districts are looking for guidance on the issuance of i-PADS. Major areas of concern are revenue coding if students are buying/renting the I-PADS from the school, license agreements, downloading of apps, and damage/broken. Willie Larson commented that his district issued the i-PADS to students and said the cost savings was about $35,000 to the district if the district had to purchase textbooks/workbooks. Jeff Yeager suggested a survey on the number of district that are using i-PADS; what is the purpose, renting, allowing students to purchase. Stella Johnson suggested that MDE draft a letter to the Attorney General asking for guidance on the issuance of i-PADS to students. Karen Dykoski stated that MDE will draft a letter and hopefully have it ready for the next meeting. Nancy Schulzetenberg stated that i-PADS/tablets issuance is in its infancy stages for the schools and she is not aware of any case law. Issue about “public purpose”

Back Packs: Question was asked on how to code when food is brought in from other students and distributed to students in need within the school? Jeff Yeager suggested to have a community organization handles this and the school can just “direct” traffic. Issues here again with “public purpose”

Check Endorsement (MASBO): Nancy Schulzetenberg stated that there is already a Minnesota Statute in place (MS §471.391 Subd.1 and 2) If the language needs to be updated then it will have to reflect current changes. She suggested legal compliance from the State Auditor. Send an email to Gregg Hierlinger (OSA) seeking OSA position on this matter. Karen Dykoski stated she will be in touch with OSA for clarification.

Timelines for UFARS manual and grid: Karen Dykoski stated the FY 2014 manual was posted on MDE’s website beginning week of October 14 but cannot see how to distribute the grid out any sooner to the districts when legislation continues to make changes. Karen asked if there is a possible target date when schools need to have the grid when they start to set up for the new budget year.

Dianna Groskreutz stated most districts would prefer to have the grid distributed more often to allow the grid to be loaded for the schools. This would allow the schools to have the most current information.

All were in agreement of keep loading the grid.

Deleting Salary and Purchased Services Codes: Karen Dykoski stated there has been talk for FY15 of salary/purchased codes going away in UFARS because EDRS is now capturing this information. Committee agreement was to leave the codes in. Stella Johnson suggested inviting Special Education personnel in from Program and Finance to offer suggestions on some of the issues and concerns.

Title I: Karen Dykoski stated MDE is planning on discontinuing coding not part of NCLB for FY15

New Technology Codes: Karen Dykoski stated the goal of the UFARS team is to try to go through the Federal programs and clean up. Noted that object code 405 is available in the grid but will not probably be used in FY14, but will be used in FY15 and forward

Call for December Agenda Items: Karen Dykoski stated hopefully she will have a response from the Attorney General in regards to i-PADS/Tablets

Adjournment: Willie Larson made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Tracy Fiereck seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 2:05 pm.

Jeff Yeager made the motion to adjourn the meeting and Heidi Miller seconded the motion. The meeting was adjourned at 1:50 p.m.

The next Advisory Committee Meeting is scheduled for December 9, 2013.