Library Construction Grants

The Library Construction Grant program is a competitive dollar-for-dollar matching grant program. The program provides public libraries with funding for renovation, construction, and improvement projects that result in more accessible library facilities. Projects may:
  • Remove architectural barriers from a library building or site,
  • Remediate conditions hazardous to health or safety,
  • Renovate or expand an existing building for use as a library, or
  • Construct a new library.
The program is authorized biennially by the Legislature and funded from the sale of General Revenue Obligation Bonds. The 2014 Minnesota Legislature allocated a total of $2,000,000 to the program, with $570,000 for the city of Jackson, $257,000 for the city of Perham, $50,000 for the city of Bagley, and remaining funds for competitive grant awards.

Grant Procedures, Documents and Forms

The Library Construction Grant program is now accepting grant applications. Application forms, instructions and frequently asked questions are available at the Department of Education's Grants Management site. Scroll to Library Construction Grant opportunity. Applications are due October 2 at 3:30 p.m. Please note that applications need to be physically received at the Department of Education (not postmarked) by the due date.

Please contact Emily Kissane at 651-582-8508 or for more information about the Library Construction Grant program. For additional information about this program please email Jennifer Nelson or call 651-582-8791.

Completed Grant Projects