Descriptive Videos
Descriptive videotapes describe the visual elements of a movie, narrating the action, characters, locations and costumes without interfering with the dialogue or other sound elements. This description helps make the videos more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired. A regular VHS videocassette player and a TV are needed to watch these videotapes. The Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library will not provide this equipment. Currently, the library’s holdings only include descriptive videos on VHS; no DVDs have been added to the collection.

Loan Procedures

  • You must be registered users of the Minnesota Braille and Talking Book Library.
  • Descriptive videos are strictly for home use; copyright restrictions prohibit the loan of descriptive videos to institutions.
  • You may borrow only two videotapes at a time due to the limited size of the collection.  
  • Videotapes will be loaned for two weeks.
  • Videotapes will be sent as Free Matter for the Blind or Handicapped and may be returned to the library in the same manner as other materials, by turning over the label on the mailing case so the library’s address is facing up.  No postage is required.
  • Remember that some videos may contain strong language, violence or sex. When available, a national motion picture rating system is noted in the catalog.
  • Please rewind the videotape before returning it to the library.
  • There will be a replacement charge of $25 for each lost or damaged videotape. Descriptive video service will be suspended if tapes are not returned or replaced, although this will not affect talking book, braille or large print services.
  • Descriptive videos are a request-only service. When you receive the descriptive video catalog please order all of the videos you would like to have. The videos you receive will come from this list as they are available.