Adult Basic Education/GED

GED Records

Already have your GED but Need a Copy of Your Records?

When an individual attains scores in Minnesota sufficient to be issued a State of Minnesota GED Diploma, a diploma, sometimes called a credential, and a transcript are sent to the address provided by the tester at the time of testing.

Additional copies may be requested by contacting the Minnesota Department of Education’s GED Office. See the request form and instructions below.

ONLY ONE duplicate copy of your State of Minnesota GED Diploma will be issued ever. So don’t request one unless you really need or want it as you’ll never be able to get another from our office. There is no charge to obtain the additional copy of your State of Minnesota GED Diploma.

Individuals may request as many copies of transcripts as they need, at no charge.

Most postsecondary educational institutions, employers and the military require only the transcript.

Many postsecondary institutions want an “Official Transcript.” You may specify this in your request and the GED Office will provide a transcript in a sealed envelope with an inked message over the seal indicating it is an Official Transcript, if not opened prior to receipt.

TO REQUEST A TRANSCRIPT, complete the Record Request Form and either fax it to the GED Office at 651-582-8458 or scan your request form and send it as an email attachment to

We do not fax or e-mail records. Your transcript will be sent to the mailing address you list on the form.

Can I Pick Up a Record in Person?

No, all record requests must be submitted via mail, fax or e-mail and will be mailed within two working days of receipt of the Request as noted on the Records Request form below.

What If I Haven’t Completed All of My Tests Yet But Want a Copy of my Records?

Partial transcripts may be requested from the Official GED Testing Center where you took your tests or at a testing center where you are planning to test.


How Can I Request a GED Verification?

Organizations needing to verify a GED may fax a request to 651-582-8458. It must contain the individual’s full name, including any and all possible last names. It must have a date of birth, last four digits of the Social Security number and a date and signature of the individual being verified. It must also contain a fax number where the verification information can be sent. Verifications are most often faxed within 24 hours, pending availability of records’ personnel. Remember, ONLY verifications (i.e., existence/non-existence of a record and date of certification) will be faxed—no actual scores.

Want an Existing Record Changed?

Occasionally a record is in the permanent database with an “incorrect” name due to a divorce or other circumstance.

Due to the risk of fraud and identity theft, permanent records will be changed ONLY with appropriate legal documentation specified by the Minnesota Department of Education’s GED Office and then only if the Department of Education is satisfied that no fraud or other potentially illegal or misleading activity is involved.

Request Form for GED Records

Complete the Request Form to have a copy of your GED transcript mailed to you or to an institution(s) of your choosing.

You may also request one additional copy of your State of Minnesota GED Diploma if our records show we have not already sent out the second copy. You may request transcripts as often as you like at no charge.

Records: Email Alice Smith or call 651-582-8446.

General GED Testing: Email Jim Colwell or call 651-582-8437.