Tuition Billing

Attention: Directors of Special Education

Teaching Model Designation by Sites or Buildings

SFY 2013-2014 Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) Web Edit System (WES) Reports

The SFY 2014 (MARSS) 57 Special Education Teaching Models report has been posted to your MARSS (WES) Statewide Reports tab under Fall 14 Statewide Reports. This report is a listing of all the school sites for your district or districts within your cooperative. The MARSS Coordinator has been instructed to print this report and give to the special education director. If you have not received a copy, contact your MARSS coordinator.

If you had a teaching model designated for the 2012-2013 school year, you will find a “Y” in the field for that teaching model for that site for the 2013-2014 school year as we have moved the data from 2012-2013 to 2013-2014.

A description of the three teaching models and the requirements are below for your information and review.

If you have no changes for the 2013-2014 school year, please return the list of sites by checking the “No Changes” field. Even if you are making no changes, return the listing of schools and sites to the Division of Program Finance.

If you do have changes where you would like to add or delete teaching models at a school or site, please make the changes in a colored ink and return the form to the Division of School Finance. If you wish to add sites with the teaching models change the “N” to a “Y”. If you like to delete a teaching model change the “Y” to an “N” next to the site.

Return the signed form to Glenda Meixell, Program Finance, at the address below, by March 31, 2014. Again, return this form even if you are making no changes.

Roxann Neu, MARSS Coordinator

Division of School Finance

Minnesota Department of Education

1500 Highway 36 West

Roseville, MN 55113

Inclusive, Multidisciplinary and Cooperative Teaching

Districts will have to report the number of special education service hours for all students receiving special education services in an inclusive, cooperative, or multidisciplinary stacked teaching model sites. The application of midpoints to the Federal Settings will not be a true indicator of the special education service hours that the student will receive. Below is a discussion of these three instructional settings. At least 50 percent of the students with IEPs must be involved in one or more of the teaching models in a site to have that site eligible to be reported as having a teaching model.