Child Count

DATE: September 20, 2013

TO: Directors of Special Education

FROM: Carol Hokenson, Manager, Division of School Finance

SUBJECT: December 1, 2013 Federal Child Count

The special education child count data reporting process through the Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System (MARSS) will begin in October. There are three MARSS submissions reporting deadlines: October 8, November 12 and December 17. Please make federal special education child count a priority. We strongly encourage districts to report students receiving special education service by the initial reporting deadline to assure that all students who are eligible for and receiving special education services get counted. Child count reporting is final with fall data and not updated with year-end data.

Note: A child must meet all three of the criteria listed below in place in order to be counted:

1. Have a valid Individualized Education Program (IEP) that is less than one year old as of December 1,
2. Have a current evaluation or re-evaluation that is less than three years old as of December 1 and,
3. Be receiving special education and related services on December 1.

Your district’s special education child count is extracted from MARSS data. You can view a copy of the MARSS Codes Reference Guide and Special Education Instructions for Reporting Child Count document on the Minnesota Department of Education’s website for additional information. Please read the instructions carefully. For more information on MARSS reporting timelines, please contact your MARSS coordinator.

After each deadline, Special Education Child Count Report #13 will be posted to the website for your review under Data Center > Data Reports and Analytics > School Finance Spreadsheets > Minnesota Funding Reports (MFR). MARSS Report #33 and MARSS #34 Last Load Date will be posted on the MARSS Web Edit system (WES) Statewide Report Page for the MARSS Coordinators to access. Contact your MARSS Coordinator to obtain a copy of these reports for your district to verify that resident students are included, particularly those students who are enrolled in another school district so that corrections and additions can be made by the next submission deadline date.

If you have any questions regarding special education child count reporting, please contact Michelle Jones at or 651-582-8577.