New Legislation – Overview of Achievement and Integration for Minnesota
The 2013 Education Omnibus bill provides details on Minnesota’s Achievement and Integration program (see HF 630 Article 3, Sec. 29, Subd. 18). Read about this new program as it relates to FY 2014 and FY 2015 budget and plan requirements.

The purpose of this program is to pursue racial and economic integration, increase student achievement, and reduce academic disparities in Minnesota’s public schools.

Districts eligible to participate in this program include those required to submit an integration plan under Minnesota School Desegregation/Integration Rules 3535.0100-0180 and those districts with a collaborative integration plan on file with the commissioner during FY 2013.

Currently, 134 school districts receive funding from this program. Participation is determined by the number of protected-class students relative to the number of protected-class students in adjoining districts or schools as reported in districts’ October 1 child count.

Guidance and Technical Assistance
In order to support districts’ efforts to develop achievement integration plans consistent with statute, Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) staff will provide written guidance as well as ongoing technical assistance to districts during the 2013-14 school year.

District Note
The January 15 open enrollment deadline does not apply for students transferring into or out of a district with a desegregation plan. Download the FY 2014 list of districts with a desegregation plan.

In addition to using the resources on this webpage, staff in eligible achievement and integration districts may receive electronic updates on the achievement and integration program. Sign up to receive this e-bulletin from MDE by sending your current email address to

  • Estimated FY 2015 Achievement and Integration Revenue  - 9/18/14
    Maximum, based on February 2014 forecast data.
  • Achievement and Integration for FY2014 IDEAS State Aid  - 9/18/14
  • Transitional FY14 Incentive Revenue Process  - 8/26/14
    Districts in the achievement and integration program that did not receive incentive revenue in Fiscal Year 2014 are still able to apply for this funding.
  • FY 2015 Integration Budget Guide  - 5/6/14
    Districts must use this guide to create an integration budget.
  • Incentive Revenue  - 4/9/14
    This document explains how districts qualify to receive this revenue and the process for including it in a district’s achievement and integration plan and budget.
  • FY 2015 Integration Revenue Budget Worksheet  - 3/20/14
    This worksheet is to be used by district personnel to complete their FY15 integration revenue budget submissions. All integration revenue budgets must be submitted electronically.
  • Achievement and Integration Plan Template - Mac Compatible Version  - 3/7/14
    This template may be used by eligible districts to submit a three-year achievement and integration plan. All plans must be submitted electronically.
  • Achievement and Integration Plan Template  - 3/7/14
    This template may be used by eligible districts to submit a three-year achievement and integration plan. All plans must be submitted electronically.
  • Plan Process Guide  - 1/29/14
    This document guides districts through the process of developing an Achievement and Integration plan aligned with statutory requirements. Districts will use a separate plan template to record the information generated during the process detailed in this guide.
  • Achievement and Integration Program Guidance   pdf icon PDF1/21/14
    This document has been created to provide guidance to eligible districts on the goals and requirements of the achievement and integration legislation. The document highlights the key components of the legislation. Districts are to begin developing an achievement and integration plan aligned with legislation that will be submitted to MDE by March 15, 2014 and implemented starting July 1, 2014. A series of regional informational meetings are being held to provide further clarification on this legislation. Ongoing technical assistance and guidance will be provided to eligible districts.
  • Data and Reporting Requirements  - 1/8/14
    Helps districts meet requirements of new Achievement and Integration legislation. Includes specific measures, eligible grade levels, background, data reporting, and timelines for data availability.
  • 11-15-11 Integration District Map: State  - 7/3/12
    Updated July 2012.
  • 11-15-11 Integration District Map: Metro  - 7/3/12
    Updated July 2012.