To: School District Superintendents

Charter School Directors

School Business Managers

From: Tom Melcher, School Finance Director

Date: July 17, 2014

Subject: Changes to Financial Reports Based on UFARS Data on MDE website

This memorandum is to notify you that several changes have been made in the financial reports on the MDE web site that are based primarily on UFARS data. The purpose of these changes is to enhance data integrity, shorten download time, and add requested reports for users. All changes are effective July 18, 2014, and are found on the MDE website under Data Reports and Analytics.

The following revisions have been made:

· Consolidated Financial Statement: expanded to include a Statewide Report
· Expenditures – District/Site Level Report: format changed to replicate the Revenue – District/Site Level Report.
· Financial Profile Reports 2011 – Present:

a. Each profile has a new design layout. The design allows users to compare similar data between any two selected schools.

b. Each report as displayed may also printed in a PDF format

c. In addition each profile continues to offer the former reporting option in an Excel format which includes data for all districts and state totals. The Excel download option allows users to select larger populations of data for analysis.

A noteworthy change is the Profile Reports download will occur in less than half the time it took prior to the change.

Questions about the data within the reports may be directed to mde.schoolfunding@state.mn.us or mde.ufars-accounting@state.mn.us. Technical questions may be directed to anne.sheridan@state.mn.us.