Q Comp

Q Comp was enacted through a bipartisan agreement in the Minnesota Legislature in July 2005. It is a voluntary program that allows local districts and exclusive representatives of the teachers to design and collectively bargain a plan that meets the five components of the law. The five components under Q Comp include Career Ladder/Advancement Options, Job-embedded Professional Development, Teacher Evaluation, Performance Pay, and an Alternative Salary Schedule.
Approved school districts receive up to $260 per student ($169 per student in state aid and $91 per student in board-approved levy) for the program. Charter schools, integration districts, intermediate districts and the Perpich Center for the Arts receive approximately $243 per student in state aid through an equalized levy since these entities do not have authority to impose local tax levies.

Currently, 69 Minnesota school districts and 66 charter schools have implemented programs or have been approved to implement Q Comp for the 2013-14 school year. These programs serve school sites made up of approximately 19,587 full-time equivalent (FTE) licensed staff and
280,689 students. Many additional districts have indicated plans to submit an application for future years.


  • 2014-15 Charter School Letter of Intent  - 8/19/14
    This form should be submitted to MDE one year in advance of when a charter school wishes to implement Q Comp to inform MDE that the charter school is working on the application. This will allow MDE to to identify what professional development opportunities might need to be provided for interested charter schools.
  • 2014-15 District Letter of Intent  - 8/19/14
    This form should be submitted to MDE one year in advance of when a district wishes to implement Q Comp to secure preliminary levy authority and to inform MDE that the district is working on the application. This will allow MDE to provide the necessary levy authorization and to identify what professional development opportunities might need to be provided for interested districts.
  • Q Comp Model Plan for Rural Districts  - 4/2/13
    The Model plan includes a planning process outlined that may be used by any district interested in applying for Q Comp to determine what existing structures on which the plan might be built. It also includes examples of many plan components to assist rural districts in developing an application.
  • Q Comp Application Guidelines 2012-13  - 11/27/12
    Guidelines for completing the application for Quality Compensation.
  • Q Comp Application Form  - 9/26/12
    This is the document districts, sites and charter schools are asked to complete to apply for Q Comp. The deadlines for 2014-15 Q Comp applications are November 15, 2014; February 15, 2015; and May 15, 2015.


Goals and Data: Other Standardized Assessments - 9 minutes - This presentation examines measuring growth using standardized assessments (not MCA) and communicating it in a SMART goal.

  • Site Goal Update Form   pdf iconPDF  - 7/11/14
    All districts implementing Q Comp use this form as a means of updating annual site goals as outlined in Minnesota Statutes, section 122A.414, subdivision 3(a). If updating multiple goals at a site, click on Site Goal Update Form to access a Word version. If updating a single goal at a site, click on PDF.
  • Q Comp Requirements and Guiding Principles  - 5/9/14
    Districts and charter schools should use this document for writing, updating, implementing and reviewing plans.
  • Continuous Improvement Model for Q Comp  - 4/9/14
    This continuous improvement model provides a process for implementing a Q Comp plan and identifies a timeline that can be adjusted to the unique aspects of any school.
  • Q Comp Program Update Statement of Assurances 2014-15  - 4/3/14
    This form must be submitted to MDE no later than August 31, 2014. The statement of assurances certifies that the Q Comp plan is in compliance with all statutory requirements.
  • Q Comp Program Update Form 2014-15  - 4/3/14
    This form is to be used by all implementing districts and charter schools to provide information to MDE regarding changes to the approved Q Comp program.
  • Early Childhood Site Goal Structures for 2013-14  - 8/21/13
    Use this guide for setting Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE) site SMART goals based on Child Outcome Summary Form (COSF) data.
  • Aligning Q Comp and Teacher Growth and Evaluation Requirements  - 6/19/13
    This planning process will assist district teams to blend the requirements of Q Comp and the Minnesota teacher evaluation statutes. The process will inform the design of the district’s three-year professional review cycle.
  • Q Comp Activity Funds  - 11/19/12
    This document outlines the ways Q Comp can be used in each implementing district

Review and Report

  • 2014-15 Q Comp Review and Report Guidelines  - 1/13/15
    This document provides detailed information on all steps in the Q Comp Review and Report process, including information and instructions for completing the annual report form and submitting the form via SharePoint.