Seamless Summer Program

Seamless Summer Option Application Instructions for New and Renewing Sponsors

The Seamless Summer Option (SSO) application is available online in the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS) as part of the Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) sponsor and site application.

Seamless applications are due no later than June 1.

Submit SSO applications prior to the program’s start date or by June 1, 2015.

To complete the SSO application in CLiCS:

• Log-in to CLiCS 2 (2010 and later). Select Applications then select the following search criteria:

• Program type – “SFSP.”

• Program year – “2016.”

• Search type – “Sponsor.”

• Select “Search.”

• Renewing sponsors can open, update and complete the 2015-2016 sponsor application that has rolled over in CLiCS.

• New SSO sponsors select the “create” button for a new SFSP/SSO 2015-2016 application. A new SFSP sponsor application will open up, enter the information as needed.

• Complete the contact information at the top and proceed to:

• Question number 1, Type of Sponsoring Authority - select “School Food Authority.”

· If you are sponsoring ONLY SSO, select the “Seamless Summer Option Only” box. The screen will take a moment to refresh with only the SSO information that is needed to complete the application.
· If you are sponsoring a combination of both SSO and SFSP sites, do not select the “Seamless Summer Option Only” box, instead continue to complete the rest of the sponsor application including a budget summary.

• Finish the sponsor application and select “Save” at the bottom of the application.

• Proceed to the site application(s) by clicking on the red applications tab and change the search type to “Site” and “Search.” Open and complete the site application, and remember to select “Save.” For a SSO site, check the box in question number 1 for Seamless Summer Site and the screen will refresh.

• For new SSO sponsors or for returning sponsors who need to add a site, go to the site drop down list and select “Other Site.” The next screen will ask for a site number; enter the site identification (ID) number and select “Search.” On the next screen there will be an option to create a site application for 2015-2016; select “Create” to open the site application and enter the information as needed.

• Select the appropriate Classification of Site.

• Select Seamless Summer Site.

• If the site is not a school site, enter the site ID number for the nearest school. Contact our office for assistance in locating the nearest school.

• Complete the applications and remember to select “Save” at the bottom of the applications and repeat the process for additional site applications as needed.

For any questions or for further assistance, contact our office at 651-582-8526, 1-800-366-8922 (MN Toll-free) or by e-mail at