Regular USDA Foods

In the “Regular” U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods distribution model, a variety of more than 75 types of dry, canned, and frozen USDA Foods are offered to sponsors through a Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS 1) USDA Foods “Commodity” Preference Survey using USDA Foods Entitlement.

Once the sponsor completes the survey, they are summarized by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) Food Distribution Program (FDP) Team. FDP will then order USDA Foods, based on demand, through USDA and will schedule deliveries to the State Contracted Warehouse (presently Newport Cold Storage). FDP will notify, via CLiCS 1, the approved USDA Foods distributors of the types of USDA Food and the number of cases available for pickup. The distributor will then coordinate the delivery of the USDA Foods with the sponsors.

Sponsors are able monitor and track their USDA Foods allocations throughout the school year using the CLiCS 1 Order Summary Screen. There are warehouse fees and distributor shipping and handling charges to receive USDA Foods that the sponsor negotiates with their distributor.

Bonus USDA Foods are offered in addition to USDA Foods Entitlement. Bonus USDA Foods are considered over and above USDA Foods Entitlement foods. USDA offers these periodically, but only as they become available through agricultural surpluses. The ordered quantity does not draw down USDA Foods Entitlement dollars. The type and quantity of Bonus USDA Foods distributed by USDA in a given year is dictated by agricultural surpluses and market conditions.