The Fee-For-Service (FFS) distribution model in Minnesota offers sponsors the opportunity to divert non-substitutable U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Foods such as beef and pork to Minnesota Department of Education-Food and Nutrition Services (MDE-FNS) approved processors. The intent is to convert a specific USDA Foods into more usable end-products for school menus.

Sponsors work directly with their approved processor and/or broker to determine the desired end-products, the quantity of raw pounds to divert, the FFS charge, and shipping and handling fees to acquire the product. After doing this, sponsors then request the total quantity of pounds in the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS 1) for FFS “Commodity” survey. MDE-FNS will summarize and collect demand information at end of the survey. Sponsors track and coordinate the receipt of the desired end-products with the processor.

Each sponsor is responsible to enter the requested quantity in pounds into the appropriate survey in CLiCS 1, as well as coordinating with the selected processor the delivery methods and estimated production timelines.

  • Sponsors request the total number of pounds of USDA Foods on the respective CLiCS 1 survey(s).
  • Be sure to discuss all fees with each selected processor before completing the survey in CLiCS 1 to request pounds.
  • Work directly with the selected processor and/or broker to assist in identifying the available end products and calculating the number of pounds of USDA Foods to survey for diversion for the entire school year.