Provider Participation after Relocation or License Expiration

This memorandum replaces the July 2000 memorandum of the same title and provides standards for compliance with program requirements for provider participation while childcare licensing is in process of renewal. Sponsoring organizations are no longer required to conduct a preapproval visit for a provider who is relocating and continuing under the same sponsorship, since the food service capabilities of the relocating provider’s new day care home are verified as part of the licensing process.

Family child care homes meet the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) requirement for licensing or approval when "complying with applicable procedures to renew licensing or approval in situations where the State agency has no information that licensing or approval will be denied" [7 CFR 226.6(d)(1)(ii)].

A family child care provider who already participates in the CACFP and (1) has a child care license that expires, or (2) relocates, is considered to meet the CACFP requirement of "complying with applicable procedures to renew licensing" for six months from date of license expiration or date of move from the original location, based on documentation from the child care licensor that the provider is complying with applicable license renewal procedures.

• The sponsor must receive the documentation from the child care licensor before submitting claims for any period after the license expiration date or move date. If the documentation from the licensor is received too late to submit a claim within the 60-day deadline, reimbursement may not be claimed for the month.
• For relocating providers, the licensor documentation must specify the provider's effective date at the new location. A change request must be submitted to Food and Nutrition Service (FNS), including the Change Effective Date which is the later of:
(1) Effective date at new location as documented by child care licensor.
(2) Date that provider is meeting program requirements at the new location.
• If the new license has not been issued within six months of the license expiration date or move date, the provider no longer meets CACFP licensing requirements.
• The sponsor may not consider the provider to be in process of license renewal if the sponsor receives information that licensing will be denied or that the provider is not actively pursuing license renewal.
• The sponsor must document that CACFP licensing requirements have been met by maintaining the child care licensor documentation on file. Documentation does not routinely need to be submitted to FNS.

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