Infant Menu Record Instructions

The infant menu record is an alternative to completing Infant Food Production Records and is a tool to ensure infants are fed the correct meal pattern and quantities of formula/breast milk and infant foods for each specific age group, i.e. 1-3 months, 4-7 months, and 8-12 months. By using this form, the center is verifying that infant room staff prepared and served the required quantities of each food component to the infant. The infant room staff can then record the meal/snack on the Infant Meal/Snack Count and Attendance Record. View the Infant Meal/Snack Count and Attendance Record.

A new form must be started at the beginning of each week and maintained on file for three years plus the current program year.

Enter the name of the center or classroom name and the beginning date of the week at the top of the form. In the lower half of the form, enter all attending infant’s first and last names in the column for their respective age group. For each infant, circle BM for breast milk if breast fed or document the iron fortified infant formula being served to the infant.

The caregiver who feeds an infant must refer to the meal pattern for breakfast, lunch/supper and snack in the upper half of the form to ensure that the correct quantities of formula/breast milk and infant foods are prepared and served. When an infant is developmentally ready, they must be offered solid foods in the appropriate texture.

If an infant’s age changes during the week, document their name in the new age category column and make a note of the change anywhere on the form. All food components must be served to the infant at the center for the meal/snack to be reimbursable.

For more information on the infant menu record, view the Infant Room Recordkeeping webinar.