Management Plan and Budget-Centers
Sponsors who have multiple sites must have a management plan and budget on file. The forms below include sample templates sponsors may use during compliance site visits, sample policies, and more.
  • Child and Adult Care Food Program Budget Detail Worksheet  - 4/23/14
    Budget detail worksheet for sponsors to complete before entering each budget category total into the CLiCS sponsor application.
  • Outside Employment Policy form (Handout C)  - 2/4/14
    Sample template for sponsors to use and adapt as a policy for Child and Adult Care Food Program staff that may also have other employment.
  • Staff Monitoring Ratio Form for CACFP Centers  - 7/19/12
    Staff Monitoring Ratio form for CACFP centers. This is an annual application renewal requirement to determine sponsor's level of monitoring staff.
  • Management Plan for Multi-Center Sponsors  - 1/24/12
    Sponsors of Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) centers with more than one site are required to submit a management plan along with the application, which provides documentation illustrating measurable performance outcomes. A full plan is required on the original application with updates annually.