Management Plan and Budget-Centers

2013 – 2014 Application Renewal Instructions

Child and Adult Care Food Program

Submit applications on or before August 23, 2013

All Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) sponsors must renew their sponsor and site applications annually in the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS). The CLiCS applications must be approved by the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) - Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) prior to claiming reimbursement.

What’s new in CLiCS?

In an effort to improve the application renewal process this year there are two improvements to CLiCS, auto approval and the ability to upload documents electronically. After submitting the sponsor and site application(s), CLiCS will auto approve the applications. Independent centers may see both the sponsor and site applications auto-approved. A sponsor of multi-sites may see the site applications auto-approved, while the sponsor application remains in submitted for approval status this is to allow for document review by MDE-FNS staff.

All sponsors, when prompted, upload the following supporting CACFP document(s), as necessary. To upload a document it needs to be named, save and closed on your computer. MDE-FNS staff will review the uploaded documents and will contact the organization if additional information or clarification is needed. Access the CACFP Instructions for Uploading Files to the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System.

All sites

• CACFP Contract for Vended Meals or Renewal of Contract for Vended Meals: If meals are not prepared on site by the sponsor’s employed staff, upload a copy of each site’s signed Contract for Vended Meals or Renewal of Contract. Access the Contract for Vended Meals template or access the Renewal of Contract template.
• Attachment for Non-Licensed Sites: If the facility is not required to be licensed, upload a complete CACFP Attachment for Non-Licensed Sites to document how the facility meets CACFP requirements relating to child care standards, health and sanitation codes, and fire and safety requirements. Access the CACFP Attachment For Non-Licensed Sites.
• Tribal License: If the facility is under tribal license, upload a copy of the current license.

Single-site / Independent sponsors

• CACFP Birth Dates Disclosure form: Upload a completed CACFP Birth Dates Disclosure form to disclose information about the responsible principals of the organization such as, the executive director, chairman of the board, for-profit owner or school officials. Access the Birth Date Disclosure form.

Sponsor of Multi-sites

• Budget Detail Worksheet: Complete the Budget Detail Worksheet to disclose each budget category cost. Once the worksheet is complete, transfer the totals from the index tab to the sponsor budget in CLiCS. Upload the completed excel worksheet not a scanned document. Access the Budget Detail Worksheet.
• CACFP Board Composition Form: Upload a the CACFP Board Composition form to report the birth dates of the executive director and the chairman of the board include information for all board members. Access the CACFP Board Composition form.
• Staff monitoring ratio form: Upload this document to report the center sponsor's level of monitoring staff percentage. Access the staff monitoring ratio form.
• Management Plan Certification: MDE-FNS provides a certification as a checklist for a sponsor to provide updates to the management plan. Upload the certification and updated supporting documents together as a packet. Access the Management Plan Certification.

Management Plan Certification instructions:

1. Complete the certification and mark each question as either “no change” or “changes.”
2. Update any documents as indicated as ‘Required’ on the form.
3. Sign the certification acknowledging that you, as the authorized representative of your organization, have reviewed and completed the Management Plan.
4. Upload the documents to CLiCS as prompted. Make sure each Management Plan response is on a separate page. Label each document with current date; indicate if it is either a replacement or addition to the Management Plan.

Online Application Renewal Process – at a glance

1. Renew your CLiCS application for all sites and the sponsor by August 23, 2013.
2. Log into CLiCS 2010 and later to get to CLiCS 2 and select ‘Applications’ from the main From the search window, select ‘CACFP,’ year ‘2014,’ and then ‘Search.’
3. In the results window select ‘View Sites.’
4. Select the site ID number to open each “Unapproved” site application; update all information fields, such as enrollment.
5. As prompted, upload supporting document(s) to the site application; as necessary. Submit the Contract for Vended Meals, Renewal of Contract for Vended Meals and Attachment for Non Licenses Sites or tribal license.
6. Change the radio button at the top of the application from ‘Unapproved’ to ‘Submitted for Approval.’
7. When updates and submission is complete, select the ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the page. See any highlighted error messages and resolve.
8. Note: If any sites have an address change, contact FNS.
MDE-FNS must change the CLiCS site address, latitude/longitude and eligibility prior to approval and before the operation of the CACFP at the changed location.
9. When all unapproved sites are in a status of ‘Submitted for Approval,’ return to the sponsor application screen by selecting ‘Applications’ from the main menu and then indicate ‘Sponsor’ in the search type field and select ‘Search.’
10. Select the sponsor ID number to open the sponsor application page; review and update the sponsor information, including updating the budget.
11. As prompted, upload supporting document(s) to the sponsor application, as necessary. Upload the CACFP Birth Date Disclosure form, Budget Detail Worksheet, and Management Plan Certification. Select, ‘Save’ application
12. When updates on the sponsor application are complete, change the radio button at the top of the application from ‘Unapproved’ to ‘Submitted for Approval’ and select ‘Save.’
13. Select ‘Applications’ from the main menu again and verify that both the sponsor and site applications are in ‘Submitted for Approval’ status.

Information and Resources

Appeal Procedure: When an action is taken or proposed that is subject to appeal according to CACFP regulations, MDE provides notice of the action to the institution's executive director, the institution’s chairman of the board of directors and, if applicable, responsible principals and responsible individuals. The notice describes the action being taken or proposed, the basis for the action, and includes this CACFP Appeal Procedure. View the CACFP Appeal Procedure.

For resources including reimbursement rates, income eligibility guidelines, Household Income Statements and a variety of other helpful information, view the CACFP for Centers website.

For additional information related to procurement regulations, access procurement and contracts.

For current Code of Federal Regulations related to the CACFP, refer to the Code of Federal Regulations 7 CFR § 226.

Refer to the Food and Nutrition Instruction 796-2, Rev. 3 for additional financial information, view USDA Food and Nutrition Program website, FNS Instruction 796-2, Rev. 3.

Additional forms for your convenience (submit as applicable):


If you need assistance or have any questions, contact the FNS Applications Team at, 651-582-8526, 1-800-366-8922 (MN Toll-free), fax: 651-582-8501.