Management Plan and Budget-Centers

2015 – 2016 Application Renewal Instructions for the Child and Adult Care Food Program

Submit applications on or before August 17, 2015.

Complete the Program Year (PY) 2015-2016 (2016) Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP) application online in the Cyber-Linked Interactive Child Nutrition System (CLiCS). The system emails an approval notification to the email on the sponsor application when approved. Remember CLiCS only allows the submission of claims for reimbursement after both the sponsor and site(s) applications are in approved status. For additional information, resources and forms access the Child and Adult Care Food Program for Centers website.

All application documents are available on the CACFP website. Upload the required documents directly onto the CLiCS application(s) using the active (red) upload button(s) as part of the renewal process. Access the Upload Instructions.

After application submission, CLiCS automatically approves validation error free applications. Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) staff review the application and all supporting documents for all submitted application(s) CLiCS does not automatically approve. If MDE staff needs any clarification, they contact the person identified on the sponsor application.

One Third of all Multi-Site Sponsors will upload a complete management plan for review:

Beginning with the 2016 application renewals, MDE will be collecting electronic management plans from multi-site centers.  The implementation of this new system will be phased in and those multi-site sponsors affected will be individually notified with instructions.

Steps for completing the online application renewal process in CLiCS:

Site application(s)

1. Access the CLiCS Welcome page.

2. Log into CLiCS by selecting “2010 and later” next to CACFP.

3. Once in CLiCS select “Applications.”

4. In Search Criteria, select program type “CACFP,” year “2016,” change search type to “Site,” then select “Search.”

5. Select the site identification (ID) number to open each site application. Review and update the information for 2015-2016 as needed.

6. Question 4 – Check the box if your site has a Tribal Council License or is Exempt from Licensing, upload a copy of the most current tribal license or a current copy of the non-licensed site attachment. Access the CACFP Attachment for Non-Licensed Sites.

7. Question 9 – Check the “vended” box if you pay a Vendor to provide meals. Upload a completed copy of the vended meals contract or renewal. Access the Vended Meal Contract template or Access the Vended Meal Contract Renewal template.

8. Scroll to the top of the screen, change the radio button to “Submitted for Approval” and select “Save.”

9. Select the red applications tab to return to the screen with the list of site applications. Repeat steps one through six for any additional sites.

Sponsor Application

10. Return to the main application page by selecting the red applications tab; change the search type to “Sponsor,” then select “Search.”

11. Select the sponsor ID number to open the sponsor application. We include some of the previous year’s application information on the renewing application ease of completion, verify the information is correct.

12. Upload a copy of the required documents in CLiCS:

a. Single site sponsors:

i. Access the Principle Identification form formerly Birth Date Form.

b. For ALL multi-site sponsors:

i. Access the Budget Detail Worksheet.

ii. Access the Principle Identification form formerly Birth Date Form and Board Composition Form.

iii. Management plan: Access the Management Plan Certification. Clearly identify and include all items required as well as any changed documents.

13. Review and update the rest of the sponsor application, paying special attention to the budget section.

14. Check the “Option to Approve Household Income Statements Back to Parent Signature Date” box if applicable. Access the Option to Approve Household Income Statements Back to Parent Signature Date description page.

15. Scroll to the top of the screen, change the radio button to “Submitted for Approval” and select “Save.”

16. The System sends an approval notification to the email address listed on the sponsor application, after approving the application.

Additional forms (submit as applicable):

CLiCS Site ID Request identifies the physical location where you serve meals when adding a new site or a site is moving. Access the CLiCS Site ID Request Form.

CLiCS User ID/Password Request Form is for adding or deleting your staffs’ access to CLiCS. Access the CLiCS User ID Request Form.

Listserv Subscribe/Unsubscribe Form is to submit or remove your staffs name and email address for memos and announcements related to CACFP. Access the Listserv Subscribe/Unsubscribe Form.

Appeal Procedure identifies the steps you must take to appeal a state agency administrative action. View the CACFP Appeal Procedure.

Send any questions or additional forms listed above via email to the MDE Applications Team at