Staff Development Report

Frequently Asked Questions for the Online Staff Development Report

All school districts are required to report staff development activities and expenditures for the district and their school sites as indicated in Minnesota Statutes, section 122A.60, Subdivision 4.

By October 15 of each year, the district and site staff development committees shall write and submit a report of staff development activities and expenditures for the previous year, in the form and manner determined by the commissioner. The report, signed and dated by the district superintendent and staff development chair, must include assessment and evaluation data indicating progress toward district and site staff development goals based on teaching and learning outcomes, including the percentage of teachers and other staff involved in instruction who participate in effective staff development activities.

While charter schools and intermediate school districts are not required to report, we encourage them to use this system as a tool in order to assist with the implementation of their own staff development.

Please read this document carefully before you begin reporting your 2012-13 staff development information. Questions and answers are ordered to reflect progress through a reporting sequence from login, to entering goals, activities and findings, to submitting, and printing.

System Tips:

• The system will time-out after 30 minutes of inactivity. Please SAVE information frequently! There is no auto-save function in the report.
• At any time, you can move to a different section of the report by selecting the name of the desired section in the navigation window on the left side of the screen.
• Error reports are hot-linked to the area of the report that needs to be completed. Select the red error statement to go directly to the appropriate section of the report.
1. Are there any computer system requirements?

A: MAC users need to use Firefox 3.0 or Safari as their Internet browser, and PC users need to use Internet Explorer 7 or better.

2. How do I access the report through MDE Secure Online Reporting Systems?

A: Users with an existing User ID and Password on the MDE Secure Online Reporting Systems:

• Go to the MDE website:
• On the top, right-hand side of the page, select School Support, then Data Submissions. Scroll down and select Staff Development Report. Then click on Enter the Staff Development Report site.
• Enter your User ID and Password and choose Login. (If you have forgotten your User ID and Password, select the link for Forgot Your MDE-Account Information.)

A: New Users to the MDE Secure Online Reporting Systems:

• Go to MDE website:
• On the top, right-hand side of the page, select School Support, then Data Submissions. Scroll down and select Staff Development Report. Then click Enter the Staff Development Report site.
• Select click here under Create New MDE-Account. Select I Accept to accept the User Authorization Agreement.
• Create a profile by completing the form which includes a User ID and Password, and then click Create Account.
• On the Request Web Site Access page, select a role (User is a person who is entering data from a school site; Submitter is the person in your district who submits the entire district and school staff development report). Choose your district/school and Submit. You will receive an e-mail message granting system authorization within one-two business days. At that time, you can log into the site.
3. Can I print a blank document for us to work from while developing our district/school report?

A: Yes. That option is on the Preview Final Reports page.

4. I have more members on my Staff Development Committee than there are spaces. How do I add all of my members on this page?

A: Select Add to add up to five new spaces. Add spaces to include your full staff development committee. When you are finished, only the filled spaces will show on the final report. The report limits you to 50 members.

5. How do I add a district goal?

A: Use Add Goal on the right side of the screen.

6. How many goals do I need?

A: You must have at least one goal. Include as many as your committee has identified.

7. After completing the goals section, how do I navigate to the Designs and Strategies section?

A: When you are finished adding your district goals, select Designs and Strategies on the menu on the left side of the screen. Select as many menu items as you need for each goal.

8. How many activities do I need for each goal?

A: You must have at least one activity for each goal.

9. How many findings do I need for each goal?

A: You must have at least one finding for each goal. The findings summarize the results of all activities that were implemented for each goal.

10. My district did not set aside money for staff development. However, the district did fund some staff development activities through the general fund. How do I handle this situation?

A: If general funds were used for staff development activities, select YES to question #1. For question #2, indicate the percentage of the general fund that was used to fund staff development activities.

11. Why can’t I change the prepopulated numbers on the staffing page?

A: The numbers on the page have been imported from the Staff Automated Reporting (STAR) database. These are staffing numbers submitted by your district to MDE and have been preprogrammed into the report.

12. The number in the box is zero for site staff and I can neither enter a larger number in the numerical box nor skip over it.

A: You cannot enter a number larger than the prepopulated number; however there must be a value in the field. If there is no value, you need to delete the zero and re-enter a zero before proceeding to the next section.

13. How do I enter my school site data?

A: After the district data has been completed, the program will automatically take you to the School Site page and present you with a drop-down menu of all the school sites for your district. Select the site you wish to enter.

14. What if I am reporting for a K-12 school site or charter school?

A: Smaller districts composed of a single K-12 building will be coded as two separate sites: one for elementary and one for secondary. Information must be entered for both sites.

15. I have found a school site in the drop-down that is not part of our district anymore. How do I remove it from the system?

A: The site has been pre-populated with site information provided by your district and cannot be edited at this time. If a site is on the system, you will need to enter the information in the boxes using zeros and N/A until there are no error messages generated. Please contact Michael Foster ( to report the need to add or delete a school.

16. Can I make changes to the final report after I have submitted it?

A: Yes. Contact Michael Foster ( if you need to make changes.

17. Why can’t I submit the report?

A: There may be several reasons:

• If you see no Submit option, you are not the designated Submitter. Contact your Staff Development Advisory Chairperson (listed on the front page of your district report).
• You may still have errors on the report. Check your Error Report page.
• The system could be experiencing technical difficulties at the district or state level. Please wait and try submitting again later.
18. When is the deadline for submitting our final staff development report?

A: Districts are to submit the Staff Development Report annually by October 15.

19. When will I know I am finished?

A: Select Error Reports on the menu on the left side of the screen. If all items show in blue type, the report is error-free from the program’s perspective. That is, all text boxes contain text, all required values are entered and all required boxes have been checked. This does not mean that the content of the entries is correct. You must still check the accuracy of the information entered.

20. Is there a spell-check option in the program?

A: No. To have text entries spell-checked, you will need to open another window containing a blank word processing page (e.g., Microsoft Word), and enter and edit your text there. When finished with all corrections, copy and paste the text into the report in the appropriate textbox.

21. My district or site used many of the same goals and activities as last year. Do I have to retype all of the information?

A: The goals that were entered into the previous year’s report are carried over into the new report if you selected that option during the previous year’s reporting. You can edit and add goals. You will also need to enter the activities and findings. You may print a hard copy of the previous year’s report by choosing the drop-down menu labeled School Year (in the upper right-hand corner of the screen under Logout).

22. How do I print out the Statement of Assurances page?

A: To print the Statement of Assurances page, the staff development report must first be submitted by the person with Submitter status (there should only be one person per district with this status). When all the pages are complete and the Submit button has been selected, a PDF version of the Statement of Assurances will be generated.

Please sign and date the Statement of Assurances and mail to: MDE- Staff Development Reporting, 1500 Highway 36 West, Roseville, MN. 55113, or fax a copy to the MDE School Support Division, 651-582-8517 by October 15.

23. Can I print the staff development report?

A: Yes. Under Final Reports, select Preview Final Reports. You may choose which reports to print.

If you have any questions regarding this document or require technical support, please contact Michael Foster ( at 651-582-8286.